Author: Marjorie Jensen

How To Keep Your Yard Neat and Clean

It’s easy to let your yard slip a bit, to let the weeds grow, the trees sag and the bushes get out of control. Yet if you want a serene place to sit and enjoy the fresh air, then you need to put some effort into keeping your yard neat and clean. Read on for some tips.

Mow That Grass

First, mow your grass at least every week, especially during the summer months, but don’t get it too short. Shoot for grass between three and four inches, and be sure your mower’s blades are sharp. For a beautiful, green lawn, you might add some fertilizer, reseed areas that need it and water as necessary. You can bring in a landscaper to start the process and give you advice.

Care for Trees

You must also take care of your trees. Check them for signs of disease, and trim dead and broken branches. Again, call a landscaper or arborist if your trees seem to be failing and you need help. If you have a dead tree in your yard, contact a company that provides tree removal services Youngsville. You can also plant a few trees as needed. Just be sure to choose varieties that grow well in your climate and soil.

Trim Up

Don’t forget to trim around your house, garage and other buildings. You should also trim bushes, hedges and other plants to keep them neat and attractive. Nothing in your yard should look like it is growing out of control.

Pick Up

Finally, pick up around your yard. Remove all debris that has blown in, and throw it away. Gather up toys and tools that are lying around, and put them away. Make sure your patio area is neatly arranged, and any water features are clear and sparkling.

Indeed, your yard can turn into your outdoor sanctuary if you work to keep it neat and clean.

Prepare for a Last-Minute Party With These 3 Tips

Parties usually require some time to organize. You would need to clean and decorate your home, prepare a large amount of food, come up with entertainment and other factors. But there are times when you only have a day or two to organize a last-minute event. These tips can help you throw a party in a short amount of time. 

1. Send Electronic Invitations

Sending traditional party invitations via mail can take months, especially if you are expecting responses. If time is not on your side, technology can help. Resources such as emails, social media and mass texts can help you reach multiple people at once in a timely manner. Simple messages with the necessary information are fine, but some websites have invite functions you can use. You can send photos of an old-fashioned invite as well. 

2. Consider Pre-Made Food

Having a big meal for a party can consume too much time between planning, shopping and preparation. As tempting as it sounds to make an extravagant recipe, you will have to rely on either simple or pre-made food. Bottled drinks and finger foods are a classic combination. If you want something more substantial, you could turn the event into a potluck and encourage others to contribute dishes. Ordering pizza food delivery Bridgeport CT is also a safe choice that can satisfy most guests.

3. Use Other People’s Playlists

Music can liven up the party and entertain guests. Unless you have a playlist ready, however, you might not have enough time to build one. Websites and applications have pre-set playlists ready to use and some are even specialized for parties. You can even hook some guests’ phones to the audio system so they can share their music. Remember to be mindful of their needs before playing anything.  

Parties can be difficult to plan, especially when you have an unexpected time limit. Use the resources available so you can create a wonderful time for all with little stress. 

The Benefits of Listening To Classical Music

Even though classical music may not be the first thing you pick when you put in your headphones, the reality is that listening to classical music may have some benefits. This can be true whether you go to a classical music event marlborough nh or simply let it play in the background at home. Here are a few things to consider the next time you put on some music. 

It Boosts Memory and Creativity

Classical music isn’t just pleasant to listen to, it can have some positive effects on your brain, too. There is some evidence to suggest that listening to classical music can help boost your memory, especially when it comes to verbal memory. Not only that, but there is also some evidence that suggests classical music can have an impact on your creativity as well, and may even cause a spike in creativity while listening to it. 

It Relaxes Your Nervous System

Your brain isn’t the only thing that can be impacted by classical music, there’s some evidence that it can have an impact on your body as well. The rhythms and tempos of classical music can often have a calming effect, which can potentially reduce stress, lower blood pressure and possibly even aid in curbing anxiety. Not only can this be true for adults, but for children as well. 

The Takeaway

Classical music may not be at the top of your playlist, but some studies show that it can have many benefits. Whether you listen to Bach or Rachmaninoff, classical music can have a positive impact on you in multiple ways.

Whether you feel like you could use more focus, want to boost your brainpower, or simply want to listen to something that has the potential to relax your body and mind, giving classical music a try could be the right move for you. 

Do You Need a Lawyer To Handle Your Asset Transfer?

Legal help with real estate transactions and other high-value asset transfers isn’t always a necessity, but it is often a very good idea. Generally speaking, the more expensive your investment, the more likely it is that you’ll benefit from legal assistance when its title changes hands. Simple home purchases in single-family neighborhoods are often safeguarded well by title services and other forms of one-time legal assistance, but when you are talking about high value properties like large estates or commercial real estate, the stakes change, and then it’s good to have someone to do due diligence on the asset value and any financial issues related to it, including third-party liens and outstanding loans.

Help With Asset Transfer Proceedings

Sometimes, asset transfers are complicated by legal and financial proceedings like bankruptcy. When that happens, you need experienced asset transfer litigation White Plains NY who can help you smooth things over so your real estate transfer can go smoothly. Whether you are buying, selling, putting the asset into the management of a trust, or handing it off to a member of your family who needs to establish themselves, the right legal team can help you ensure the title changes smoothly.

Manage Risks With Expert Help

Even if you’re not headed to litigation, it’s a good idea to make sure you’ve got all the help you need when you’re transferring ownership of high-value assets. This is especially true when you’re transferring them without a sale, as tends to happen when properties change hands within a family. The right legal representative can help you make sure the entire process is completed smoothly, without encumbering you with the kind of excess paperwork and fees extracted by third parties who only provide assistance at the point of transfer. Legal assistance isn’t always less expensive than other options, but the additional service provided means you get more for your money. More protection, more answers to your questions, and more peace of mind.

Three Ways To Be a Better Gift Giver

Do you often find yourself stumped when birthdays, anniversaries and other important celebrations roll around? While it may seem that some people just have a knack for giving great gifts, the truth is you can learn to excel at this trait. If you want to learn how to be a better gift-giver, here are three ways to set yourself up for success.

Keep a Stash of Supplies on Hand

Shop online or at your favorite store and purchase some birthday card packs to keep in your desk at home. Finding a set that you love can keep you from scrambling for the right card when the time comes. You can also save money through buying in bulk instead of making several individual purchases at a higher price. Sometimes, a simple card is all you need, but it can also help to keep a few gift cards on hand as a last-minute option.

Keep it Simple

Extravagant gifts can make a big impression, but when it comes to friends and relatives, a simple gesture goes a long way without going too far. Gift certificates, plants or food deliveries are great options that show your thoughtfulness without getting too complex. Consider a gift card to go towards their favorite subscription, like music or movie streaming.

Keep it Personal

When choosing the right present, you don’t have to show how well you know a person to make a gift feel personal. A homemade gift, such as simple crafts or edible treats, shows thought and care. You can also consider sharing something that’s significant to you. Treat them to dinner at your favorite restaurant, send them a copy of your favorite new album or share a bottle of your favorite wine. Personal touches like this can help make everything feel more special.

If you want to be a better gift-giver, plan ahead so you’re always prepared for an upcoming event. Simple yet thoughtful gestures often mean the most when celebrating with family and friends.

Doctor Prepper™ CPR – Common Sense Home with Laurie Neverman (part 2)

Laurie writes from her Green-Built, Energy Star-certified “concrete bunker” in northeast Wisconsin, where she and her family work to stock their canning pantry and root cellar from their extensive garden and local suppliers whenever possible.

Earth sheltered attached greenhouse and rain barrels

The home features passive and active solar, a masonry stove, ICF (Insulate Concrete Form) construction, wheatboard cabinetry, handicap accessibility, two 50-gallon rain barrels, a small attached greenhouse, and many other energy and water saving features.

View of home from south. Note solar water heating panels and large south facing windows with overhang.

Laurie and her husband rent out a portion of their acreage to a nearly organic farmer. The balance is a combination of wild areas (used for foraging), annual and perennial gardens, orchards, and a small but growing assortment of permaculture crops. They are in the process of constructing a larger greenhouse to expand their food production options.

Working in the garden

Raised on a small dairy farm in NW Wisconsin, Laurie has many years of experience with producing her own food. This comes together with her college training in math and engineering, plus years of personal studies in health, herbalism, and preparedness to give readers a “hands-on homesteading” experience. This family lives what they write about, and they can teach you to be more self-reliant, too. Get a FREE COPY of the e-book, “Common-Sense Homesteading 101:  7 Steps to Become More Self-Reliant Now” when you subscribe to the Common Sense Homesteadingnewsletter, click the book to subscribe: