Do you often find yourself stumped when birthdays, anniversaries and other important celebrations roll around? While it may seem that some people just have a knack for giving great gifts, the truth is you can learn to excel at this trait. If you want to learn how to be a better gift-giver, here are three ways to set yourself up for success.

Keep a Stash of Supplies on Hand

Shop online or at your favorite store and purchase some birthday card packs to keep in your desk at home. Finding a set that you love can keep you from scrambling for the right card when the time comes. You can also save money through buying in bulk instead of making several individual purchases at a higher price. Sometimes, a simple card is all you need, but it can also help to keep a few gift cards on hand as a last-minute option.

Keep it Simple

Extravagant gifts can make a big impression, but when it comes to friends and relatives, a simple gesture goes a long way without going too far. Gift certificates, plants or food deliveries are great options that show your thoughtfulness without getting too complex. Consider a gift card to go towards their favorite subscription, like music or movie streaming.

Keep it Personal

When choosing the right present, you don’t have to show how well you know a person to make a gift feel personal. A homemade gift, such as simple crafts or edible treats, shows thought and care. You can also consider sharing something that’s significant to you. Treat them to dinner at your favorite restaurant, send them a copy of your favorite new album or share a bottle of your favorite wine. Personal touches like this can help make everything feel more special.

If you want to be a better gift-giver, plan ahead so you’re always prepared for an upcoming event. Simple yet thoughtful gestures often mean the most when celebrating with family and friends.