It’s easy to let your yard slip a bit, to let the weeds grow, the trees sag and the bushes get out of control. Yet if you want a serene place to sit and enjoy the fresh air, then you need to put some effort into keeping your yard neat and clean. Read on for some tips.

Mow That Grass

First, mow your grass at least every week, especially during the summer months, but don’t get it too short. Shoot for grass between three and four inches, and be sure your mower’s blades are sharp. For a beautiful, green lawn, you might add some fertilizer, reseed areas that need it and water as necessary. You can bring in a landscaper to start the process and give you advice.

Care for Trees

You must also take care of your trees. Check them for signs of disease, and trim dead and broken branches. Again, call a landscaper or arborist if your trees seem to be failing and you need help. If you have a dead tree in your yard, contact a company that provides tree removal services Youngsville. You can also plant a few trees as needed. Just be sure to choose varieties that grow well in your climate and soil.

Trim Up

Don’t forget to trim around your house, garage and other buildings. You should also trim bushes, hedges and other plants to keep them neat and attractive. Nothing in your yard should look like it is growing out of control.

Pick Up

Finally, pick up around your yard. Remove all debris that has blown in, and throw it away. Gather up toys and tools that are lying around, and put them away. Make sure your patio area is neatly arranged, and any water features are clear and sparkling.

Indeed, your yard can turn into your outdoor sanctuary if you work to keep it neat and clean.