Parties usually require some time to organize. You would need to clean and decorate your home, prepare a large amount of food, come up with entertainment and other factors. But there are times when you only have a day or two to organize a last-minute event. These tips can help you throw a party in a short amount of time. 

1. Send Electronic Invitations

Sending traditional party invitations via mail can take months, especially if you are expecting responses. If time is not on your side, technology can help. Resources such as emails, social media and mass texts can help you reach multiple people at once in a timely manner. Simple messages with the necessary information are fine, but some websites have invite functions you can use. You can send photos of an old-fashioned invite as well. 

2. Consider Pre-Made Food

Having a big meal for a party can consume too much time between planning, shopping and preparation. As tempting as it sounds to make an extravagant recipe, you will have to rely on either simple or pre-made food. Bottled drinks and finger foods are a classic combination. If you want something more substantial, you could turn the event into a potluck and encourage others to contribute dishes. Ordering pizza food delivery Bridgeport CT is also a safe choice that can satisfy most guests.

3. Use Other People’s Playlists

Music can liven up the party and entertain guests. Unless you have a playlist ready, however, you might not have enough time to build one. Websites and applications have pre-set playlists ready to use and some are even specialized for parties. You can even hook some guests’ phones to the audio system so they can share their music. Remember to be mindful of their needs before playing anything.  

Parties can be difficult to plan, especially when you have an unexpected time limit. Use the resources available so you can create a wonderful time for all with little stress.